Monday, June 18, 2012

Cheapo Distressing Tool!

It's time for another Thrifty Tip!
I don't spend money for crafts. My daughter gives me most of my inks. She's a gem! I found over 100 ink pads at my local Goodwill a few months ago it was under $10.00! That's 10 cents a pad!

Materials for today's tip:
card stock
packing tape dispensor. I used this for packing up my house when I moved.

Rub teeth of tape dispensor over the card stock edges.
Sponge on ink.

Run the card stock through the teeth of the dispensor once again.


Debbie Moran said...

What a brilliant idea. I spent over $17.00 on a distressing tool. Thanks for the great tip. You rock.

MariLynn said...

Love the idea of using the tape dispenser as a distressing tool.

Angie said...

FABULOUS TIP!!!!! I haven't wanted to buy a distressing tool but nothing I found at home gave me the effect I was wanting. Can't wait to try your tip!